Pets are you Ready to Bring an Animal Companion into your Life Animals Companions

There are many benefits to having an animal companion. It has been documented that those who have pets are generally happier, have lower stress levels/blood pressure and have a more positive outlook on life than those who don’t have a pet. Animals also give us unconditional love. Many people are more devastated over the loss of an animal friend/family member than a human counterpart.  In this harsh life often people end up wearing masks but with animals there is no need for such things – one can be 100% themselves. Even if one tried to wear a mask animals can sense right through that since they are tuned in to their owner’s emotions and can read energy. There is much to consider before deciding on an animal companion. Some questions one should ask themselves are:

How much time will I be willing and able to commit to my pet?  Some animals are going to require far more commitment than others. Take a dog for example one of the most wonderful companions one can have but they are often times high maintenance compared to other pets.  A dog should be walked daily (that’s every day), the length and how often depends on the dogs energy level. If someone gets a high energy dog that dog ideally should probably get at least 2 walks a day with one walk that is over an hour in length. Dogs also need to be socialized with other people and other dogs/animals; they need to have at least basic obedience.  Birds can be nice but their feathers can and do go everywhere so sweeping them up at least every other day if not daily will need to be done. There are some animals whose cages may need to be cleaned often.  For some reptilians it’s important that they always have the right temperature so that would have to be monitored. 

Do I understand that I am making a commitment to this animal to take care of him or her until they pass over?  Taking in an animal should not be taken lightly. In 99.9% of the time that animal should be in your care until he or she passes away. There are a few situations where someone might have to find their animal a new home. As someone who volunteers at a shelter I have seen only a few situations where there was good reasons to give up a pet. One may also want to take their chosen animal’s typical lifespan into consideration. The majority of dogs and cats will see a decade of life or more.  Some smaller dogs have even been known to reach their late teens and early 20’s. Cats also can live into their late teens/early 20’s. Birds are another long lived species depending on the bird and they can live anywhere from 15 to 80+ years. Obviously this does not mean your pet will live that long but it is possible.  Gerbils, rats, Guinea pigs typically have short lives of just a few years or so.

All animals can and do love unconditional but there are some animals that are often not the cuddly type. Many amphibians fall in to that category but that doesn’t mean one can’t have a close bond with a snake or lizard or turtle, etc.

It is important to do extensive research on whatever animal (breed/type) you are considering bringing into your home.  Read books, visit websites and forum boards. Talk to people who have had or currently have the specific animal that you are considering. Talking to local vets can also be beneficial.