Pets Death Cloning – No

Your friend and companion of ten years becomes very sick. You make an appointment expecting to hear hopeful news. Instead, the vet shakes his head, and you begin to cry. You have to make a choice, the hardest you have been forced to make in your whole life. You want to say no, and your heart breaks because you know that you have to do this. You have to do this or she will be in pain. You let him put her down, and you lose a big part of yourself as you hold her and she dies. You wish in your heart that there had been a way to save her, anything so that you don’t have to say good bye to your friend.

This common prayer was answered in the early part of the year 1952. To our amazement, scientist had discovered a way to clone a tadpole. Years later, scientists successfully cloned a sheep; you know this animal as Dolly. Cloning seemed at first to be an answer to our prayers, a way in which we would never experience loss again. But controversy runs rampant with this breakthrough and a moral struggle began with the question: Is it OK to clone our animals?

There is really only one answer to this question. No. Humans have the very blessed as well as cursed ability to understand as well as contemplate our own demise, and because of this gift, we spend a vast amount of money and time trying to post pone or prevent aging and death. The thing we must remember is that everything dies, there is no forever and this important cycle should never be stopped or changed. We must be able to die and we need to face this fact with dignity and acceptance.

People do not understand what cloning is, and rather than learn the truth about this process, we cling to the notion that it’s a duplicate of the thing that has passed. Cloning is a very advanced and complicated process, and it takes only one cell from the thing being cloned. Science has not been able to take a dead thing and re-make it, because we have no idea how to make a soul or that is to say the part of us that makes us or the animals what they were. It can merely create a reflection of the thing being cloned.

We go to great pains to avoid death and even struggle with ourselves when trying to explain it to our children. This is a great misuse of our power over our children as well as a disservice to us. The animal that you or children loved cannot come back. You will see the difference in the eyes, and in the way they play. It’s better to remember the animal you loved, and all the times you had, and make a new relationship a different relationship – with another pet, rather than try to fool yourself into thinking you have fooled death by cloning.

To clone something you have lost is to hold onto the past. You have to be able to move on in life, and be happy with the way things are rather than trying to change it.