Preventing Snake Bites in the Wild

Snake bites are still a common cause of death in the tropical countries in which many people are involved with farming and forest related industries. The main reason for these gruesome encounters for both parties is the invasion of a natural habitat of these snakes by us, humans.

Enjoying nature is one aspect many of us still adorn quite a lot. Hiking, rock climbing and camping are some of the favorite recreational activities among many individuals. These could be the instances where humans posses a danger of being exposed to venomous snakes.

Having said that, it should also be remembered that not all snaked are venomous and not all venomous snakes are deadly. It’s a handful of species that will pose a threat to the human life and if the precautions are being taken, unnecessary encounters could be avoided.

Following are some of the measures that can be taken in order to prevent a snake bite in the wild.

Plan your trail and get hold of a person who is familiar with the terrain and about the venomous inhabitants of the area. Wear knee high socks and boots which are preferably of the same height as most of the snake bites in the wild occur below the knee. Carry a walking stick that can be banged on the ground as you walk, which will make the snakes in the vicinity to retreat as they can feel the vibrations. Do not step into high grass areas or unclear terrain as it can be ideal habitat for snakes and make sure that you always stick to the trail. Carry a torch if the surrounding becomes dark and avoid tracking in the night. Try not to step over any rocks or logs as this can harbor snakes underneath. Be vigilant enough to walk around such places. Do not put your arm into places where you can’t see such as empty burrows, rock piles, holes or caves. Keep your eyes open and if you see a snake do not approach it. If the snake is too close to you, take two big steps back to make sure it want be able to reach you with its body length. Always choose clear ground as your camping place and avoid places that can harbor snakes in the vicinity. Do not stroll in the dark to collect fire wood but instead chop it from one larger log at the camp site it self. Always, always make sure you close the sipper of your tent adequately as to prevent any reptilian friends sharing the place.

By adhering to these measures as well as being vigilant will avoid the unfortunate as well as unpleasant encounters from ever occurring.