Product Reviews Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer

I’m sure most of us are aghast at the prices of a dog’s nail trim at the veterinarians or dog groomers. In my city, nail trimming at my veterinarian’s is $8.00 per dog. May not seem like much to many of you, but, because I have six dogs, I have to admit I was more than a little excited when the Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer came onto the market. As soon as it was available at Walgreens, I raced to purchase it, gladly paying the $19.99 then, rushing home to try it out on whom I thought, these last six years, were my docile Labrador retrievers.

First though, I had to return to Walgreens to purchase two C batteries as they are not included in the price evidently. I then returned home and patiently began trimming my sweet natured male Labrador’s toenails. You would have thought I was torturing him and he was definitely having none of it. No amount of coaxing worked and I was certainly not going to force him by pulling on his leg, or holding him down. No dog or human needs that kind of trauma. So, I began on my two female Labradors. They weren’t having it either although they did let me grind two nails each. I then began on my Chihuahuas. ‘They can’t put up too much of a fight I told myself, ‘I’m bigger and stronger’. But, instead, their nails got caught in the grinding opening. I grabbed my dog nail trimmers instead and finished the trimming after apologizing profusely to them.

Although I think the Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer is a great invention, for some dogs it is definitely not. I also wouldn’t advise it be used on cats either. A large dog over thirty pounds, with thick nails would be the safest to use Pedipaws on. When using the Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer, do not hold the dog’s nail to the grinder. Short bursts are best and save on the battery’s life. Also, you will need to note the grinding wheel becomes warm after minimal usage which either burns the dog or frightens him when he feels the warmth, so short bursts and plenty of rest time in between is advisable for success. Give your dog healthy treats and lots of affection when he sits still for the nail sanding. But please, if he doesn’t like it don’t force him. The Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer is supposed to be about not stressing your dog out. And believe me, it stresses my dogs out.

As of today, three months after purchasing the Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer, it sits upon the shelf untouched, its batteries still charged. It just doesn’t work for me and my dogs and I don’t want to have to train my dogs to sit still as it physically and emotionally wears me out as much as they. So, even though I have several dogs, we will be continuing our nail clipping visits with our now favorite veterinarian.