Reasons Dogs Eat Poop Coprophagia Disgusting Animal Habits getting Dogs to Quit Eating Poop

Dogs eat poop out of habit and desire. They are scavengers by nature and will eat anything and everything, even their own feces, for a variety of reasons. Some of them may have neuroses, but most of them are doing what comes naturally. Coprophagia, the scientific term for eating poop, is a common, albeit disgusting habit dogs enjoy.

Hunger is one of the more common reasons dogs eat their poop. If their food is poorly digested, they have no problem giving it a second chance to work. This could be because they have worms that are getting some of their nutrients, but most of the time it’s because they passed their food too quickly, without absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals. If your dog is eating poop because it is hungry you can check him for worms or change his diet to one that is more nutritious.

Boredom is another reason dogs eat their poop. They like to carry things in their mouths and rarely limit themselves to the toys you provide. They may also want a bit more attention from you. Chances are you grimace and tell your dog how gross he is every time he picks up his own poop, even if you don’t throw the ball every time he brings it to you. A little extra attention may be all your dog needs to get him to break this nasty habit.

Of course, your dog might just be a neat freak. Dogs are very clean animals, and they take pride in their environment. If your dog’s area is overrun with too many piles, he may decide to take matters into his own paws and do a little housecleaning. Dogs are loyal by nature, so if your dog is used to seeing you pick up and discard his piles, he may just want to help you out. Cleaning his area right after he does his business should prevent this.

Some dogs actually like the taste of poop. Does it really look and smell that different from what you feed him? He doesn’t think so. For most dogs, eating is the high point of the day. If your dog likes to eat, and you only feed him once a day, he may eat his own poop for the sole enjoyment of personal eating pleasure. You can add some canned pumpkin to his food to prevent this. Most dogs don’t like the taste of pumpkin the second time around, so this should be a good deterrent.

Regardless of the reason, eating poop is a very normal activity for dogs. While people find it revolting, dogs find it satisfying. If there is no underlying medical reason that explains why your dog is eating poop, you may need to change your habits in a way that retrains his. He may just need some extra attention, and getting yelled at for eating poop seems like an easy way to get it.