Rescue Dogs Make Great Pets

Do rescued animals make good pets? Rescued animals sure do make good pets. In fact, they can make great pets!

I volunteer for an all breed dog rescue and so I am constantly meeting rescued dogs. My own dog, who is 9 years old is a dog that someone was just giving away, with his brothers and sisters. My dog, Chase, is a wonderful dog! And that in large part has to do with how he was raised.

It is true that people do not always know the background of rescued dogs and so therefore, do not know what it has been through. Although if you are interested in a dog that is at a shelter, pound or humane society you should be able to just ask one of the staff members there and they should be able to tell you something about the animal. Granted they probably will not know everything there is to know about the animal pertaining to everything that it likes or dislikes, but they should be able to tell you if he/she is good with other animals, men, women, children and even cats or small animals. If they can not answer those questions at that time they should be able to find out for you by doing a few simple tests. Nowadays, temperament testing is done on basically any dog that comes through the doors of a shelter, pound or humane society and rescue groups. They can not risk adopting a dog out and that dog ending up hurting someone.

If you are interested in a dog that is in a rescue, they are usually living in another persons home and so they should be able to tell you the same things as if you were to get a dog from a shelter, pound or humane society. They actually should be able to tell you a little more as these dogs deal with things that happen in the every day world, well, everyday. These dogs that live in peoples homes until they are adopted are treated as part of the family and are taught basic obedience among other things.

Financially, a rescue dog is much cheaper then getting a purebred dog through a pet store (which is a big no-no!) or through a breeder. Rescue dogs already are up to date on their vaccinations, healthy (and if they are not, they have already been diagnosed and are started on medicine so there are no surprises when you get him/her home), have their rabies shot, are micro-chipped and are spayed/neutered. The shelters, pounds, humane societies and rescue groups do not make any money off of these dogs.

The one thing that can not always be determined when you get a rescue dog is how big it is going to get. Of course that only applies to dogs that have not finished growing yet. Dogs usually under the age of 6months.

Rescue dogs make great pets also because they show you their gratitude every day. People say that dogs don’t know how to express certain, if not all emotions, but I think differently. Rescue dogs show you every day how happy they are that you saved them from certain death!