Savannah Monitors

With the increased interest in dinosaurs, lizards have become popular. Owning a Savannah monitor can be a hefty responsibility and should be reserved for a more experience reptile owner.

* Savannah Monitors can grow up to 5 feet in length but the average length is 3 feet 3 inches.

* More than half its length is taken up by it laterally flattened tail.

*While the Savannah Monitor does not reach the size of a Komodo Dragon, it is said to possess all the attributes in a compact form.

* The Savannah Monitor lives in a wide variety of habitats from the woodlands, savannahs and semi-desert. It avoids heavily forested and wetter regions.

* They prefer to reside in a place with cover to hide them like rocky crevices or thick vegetation.

* Though it spends most of the time on the ground, Savannah Monitors are excellent climbers and may hunt from tree branches.

* The Savannah Monitor enjoys bathing and will soak for a long time if conditions permit.

* It is important to have a secure enclosure for your Savannah Monitor, they are known escape artists.

* While appearing very similar there are subtle differences between the male and female. The male is slightly larger and more robust. The male also has to bulges at the base of his tale that each contains a hemipenis (half of the male’s copula Tory organ)

* There are many strains on the number of wild Savannah Monitors. They are preyed upon by larger snakes and have found there home on Native African menus for years. The growing African population has diminished their habitat and the increased popularity of lizard hides has reduced their numbers.

* Juveniles prey mostly on invertebrates (slugs, snails, earthworms, grasshoppers, beetles and such)

* Adults eat amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

* They will eat live prey as well as scavenge for food.

*They use their long forked tongue to pick up scent particles of their prey.

* There sharp claws are great for attacking prey, defending themselves or digging up carcasses.

* Savannah Monitors are easy to deal with if they have regular handling. It is still a wise idea to be cautious of the claws and teeth because they can cause injuries.

* The mortality rate is rather high for young Savannah Monitors, it is important that an owner provides excellent care and regularly cleans its cage.

*Adult Savannah Monitors require taken out of their enclosure for exercise. Special harnesses can be purchased to take them on walks.

When purchasing a Savannah Monitor it is important to take into consideration the care required as well as the large size they will grow to. While young monitors can survive on insects caught in your yard, adults will require large rodents or fowls to be purchased for food. It is a big responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your Savannah Monitor will be dependent upon you for its every need. Without proper care these reptiles can become aggressive and hard to control.