Signs your pet could have an upset stomach

Your pet’s digestive system is not like a humans, whether your pet is a canine, cat, snake or whatever pet you choose. Your pets are the best fed and most expensively fed and as pet owners will agree, overfed.

So how can you tell when your pet has a stomach ache? It can be difficult for you to know when your pets are ill. As responsible pet owners you should watch for behavior patters, anything out of the normal activity that your pets may be projecting.

In the case of dogs or cats, if you see them grazing on grass and then vomiting, this is a sure sign they have eaten something that has upset their stomach.

When your pets look at you with their pleading eyes and whimpers, you give into them and give them fatty human food which could be toxic to their stomach.

Cats normal routine is grooming themselves and by doing this will give themselves fur balls. This will cause a stomach ache. At some time they will throw this up.

Change in diet can cause your pet to have an upset stomach. If your pet develops diarrhea after changing its diet, stop feeding for 24 hours, then return to the old diet. If you have been feeding your pet milk, this can cause the diarrhea and upset stomach. Milk cannot be properly digested by dogs. Feed bland food while your pet is recovering. Give the pet a full bowl of water. For mineral replacement a bowl of Gatorade is a good idea.

Most problems related to pet’s stomach are caused by diet or stress. Make sure they are eating good, healthy pet food. Watch for changes in their moods, such as sluggishness, lack of appetite, throwing up, grazing on grass and whimpering. These are all signs of a pet who has an upset stomach.

Your pet may have a more serious cause of stomach ache. This condition is colitis, which is an inflammation of the membrane lining of the colon. This is caused by swallowing non-food objects. More serious conditions such as tumors of polyps can cause your pets upset stomach. Your pet could have gastroenteritis, caused by eating poisonous plants or non-food objects. These are serious so get your pet to a veterinarian.

You should also see a veterinarian if the pet doesn’t recover in a day or so.

To keep your pets stomach ache free, you must avoid giving them human food. They may not be happy with your choice of diet for them, but in the long run your pet will live a longer, healthy life.