Small Dog Breed Watchdogs

Generally, all small dogs will make some sort of commotionwhen something they feel is unusual happens. It may be a yap, a growl, a throat-bark(a bark used when they feel threatened), or a full blown attack on what they feel is threatening. The question still remains: which dogs would be the best at keeping a watch over you and your family? According to a list at, they have compiled a list of the best small breed dogs if you’re looking for a watchdog.First on the list is the American Eskimo dog. It is a descendant German Spitz. It is generally small but can also be a medium sized dog that is family oriented dog that distrust strangers. Next is the Boston Terrier. This breed is gentle and friendly to their family, but, if you’re a stranger, watch out! This breed is very protective of home and family and will bark deeply when strangers approach. The Chihuahua is a very small dog that has a mighty bark. This breed tends to forget they are only about 6-9 inches tall and weighs around 5 pounds. They will bark vigorously when strangers approach and will continue to bark until they are told other wise. Next in line is the French Bulldog. They really don’t bark, but, will use body language and throated growls to alert when something is unusual and not to their liking. The Miniature Pinscher is a small dog that, much like the Chihuahua, forgets that they are small. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a little Doberman. The opposite is true. The Doberman is the younger of the two breeds as the Min Pin is around 200 years older then the Doberman. The Miniature Pinscher is a natural curious dog that performs “perimeter checks” as they are extremelyprotective of what they believe to be theirs. This is a familiar breed for me as I currently own one. He hears everything and will alert me and my fiancee whenever he feels that we are threatened. Next is the Pekingnese. It is a small, regal, but, bold dog that will bark as vigorusly as a Chihuahua. They are protective of all of its “property” and does not like strangers. The Schipperke or Skips, as they are nicknamed, is breed that was breed to be a watchdog, a companion, and as vermin hunters in Belgium. This breed is exceptional at all three fields for which the were breed. The last is the Schnauzer. Both the large and the small dog of this breed are wonderful watchdogs as they are very protective. These are just a few of the small breeds that are good watchdogs. What it really comes down to is the preference of you and your family and what you are looking for in your dog breed.