Sneezing in Cats causes and Treatments

Cats are also affected from sneezing once in a while. Just like humans, sneezing in cats is also indicative of irritation of the nose which results in a reflex reaction to expel the air from the nose. Sneezing in cats may occur with or without a discharge from the nose.

What causes sneezing in cats?

There are numerous causes of sneezing in cats. Some of them are described here and includes:

Upper respiratory tract infection: This can either be caused by a virus or bacteria. Upper respiratory tract infections s the most common cause of sneezing seen in cats. Allergies: there are a variety of allergens that cats have allergies to. Exposure to any of them will results in sneezing. Irritants: Irritants, such as cigarette smoke, dust etc, also produces sneezing. Dental abscess Polyps of the nose Cancer in the nose Fungal infection

How to diagnose the cause of sneezing in cats?

The first step taken by every veterinarian to diagnose the cause of sneezing in cats is by taking a thorough medical history as well as performing a physical examination. The associated signs with sneezing, such as the type of discharge present, as well as the age of the cat, give the veterinarian the likely cause of sneezing of your cat. The discharge from the nose is of various types, each leading to a specific diagnosis of the cause of sneezing. The types of nasal discharge include serous, mucoid, purulent, or bloody nasal discharges.

Upper respiratory tract infections typically presents with a mucoid nasal discharge, accompanied by fever, anorexia or loss of appetite, discharge from the eyes, and sores in the mouth.

In case there is a foreign body that is lodged in the nostrils, the cat will tend to shake her head and/or pay her nose.

Polyps in the nose are a rare phenomenon in the cats.

In case the cat is suffering from itching, the most probable cause is allergies.

Cats may also show sneezing in only particular times of the years, leading to a diagnosis of seasonal allergies.

Allergy from certain irritants produces an on and off sneezing for a few hours.

Sneezing with accompanying blood in the nasal discharge leads to a diagnosis of cancer in the nose or a fungal infection.

What is the treatment of sneezing in the cats?

Treatment of sneezing depends on its cause. In cases of dental abscess the cat requires specific dental treatment. Antifungal drugs and antibiotics are given for fungal infections and bacterial infections respectively. If cancer is diagnosed, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is the treatment of choice. In case a foreign body is lodged, simple removal of the foreign body does the trick. For polyps, surgery is required.