Teaching a Puppy to Sit

Oh the frustration! Trying to get the new puppy to sit and he or she is just not catching on. We all know the feeling. So here is a couple of tips that could make the training go a little bit smoother. 


Always make sure that when you are training your puppy to sit, that you have the puppy’s full attention. Any kind of a distraction will draw the puppy’s attention and may make your effort less successful. So when you’re training, maybe it would be best for the kids to be in another room. 


This is the big one ladies and gentleman! A reward is something that you just can’t do without when training. A puppy learns at a very early age that when it is doing something right, it will be rewarded. As for doing something wrong, there is no reward. As you have you puppy’s attention, make sure it knows you have the pet treat. Show it to them. Make them smell it and then hold it behind your back.


The universal sign for stop is holding your hand out straight with your palm up. Because puppy’s are still learning, make sure you are using exaggerated signs when you tell them something. Firmly say “stop” and hold out your hand. Making sure that your puppy, again, has your full attention.


After the puppy has stopped and is looking at you bend down and push down on the rear until he or she is sitting down. When you are pushing down on the rear you will say the command in a firm and authoritative tone. As soon as the puppy’s rear hit’s the ground praise it in a high-pitched voice. You can even throw in a few cute pet names. Pat its head and scratch its belly. And then give the puppy the treat. Do this over and over again. Move to different rooms to show the versatility of the sitting action. Let the puppy know that wherever it is, it needs to obey the command. Do this several times, practice makes perfect. 


Always make sure you are consistent with the puppy. Make certain that you are doing these little training sessions at least three times a day. Let the puppy know that you aren’t going to stop making the sit an issue. Repetition makes for a constant and consistent habit. In no time your puppy will understand the command and be sitting like a pro!