Teacup Pig

A generation or so ago, some eccentric pet lovers around the country shunned aside ownership of dogs and cats, but instead took on the responsibility of caring for baby, potbellied pigs. For a time, this practice was quickly becoming a trend, until owners began to realize how much harder the pigs were to take care of once they grew to their full size. As quickly as the trend began taking shape, it had started to dwindle away, and today, although there are still a few potbellied pigs being cared for as pets, rather than livestock, the practice has become quite modest. Or has it?

Not so long ago, across the pond, in Britain, a new breed of potbellied pigs were discovered. An adorable, miniature breed of piglets, cleverly nicknamed, teacup pigs quickly stole the hearts of many. The piglets, small enough to fit into a teacup at birth, have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years, and at full growth, they measure in at 12 – 16 inches while weighing about 65 pounds.    

The piglets made a name and reputation for themselves as big-name celebrities like Rupert Grint of the Harry Potter series and David and Victoria Beckham, became some of the first to purchase the “teacup” wonders. Word spread like wildfire of the pigs undeniable charm and captivating dwarfism, it swept across the Internet and around the nation.

Americans quickly caught hold of the buzz, and this time around it would be more than just some eccentric pet lovers to carry an aching in their hearts for a baby potbellied pig of their own. Any ordinary pet lover could take one look at one of these teacup wonders and fall firm under their spell. Thanks to a few avid entrepreneurs, ownership of  teacup piglets have finally crossed the pond, and are now being sold in America. Is it perhaps safe to say, that the “potbellied pig” trend has begun again?

Buying a Teacup pig

Teacup pigs have a vast price range. They can sell for as little as $350 and top out at $1600. As well, the piglets are still gaining familiarity in America, so depending on where you live, they may be harder to find than in other locations. You will also need to check for zoning laws where you live, you may not be zoned to own a pig.

The smaller the piglet, the more expensive the cost. Price will also differ depending upon the specifics of the breed. At times, Breeders will cross-breed to manipulate the color and/or spotting of a pig, and they will set their own price accordingly.

Teacup pigs are said to be clean and odor-free, though a few have disagreed. They have very little shedding, no fleas, and are low-maintenance. The piglets can easily be trained to use a litter box, while they are affectionate, communicative, and intelligent.

For the sale of teacup pigs, as well as more information about how to care for them, visit: http://www.teacuppiggies.com/default.html

For your convenience, there are tons of videos provided on the “Youtube” website that can provide an aide for good visuals of the teacup piglets. In conclusion, here is a link to just one of them, enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2FUsP6hxL0