The Dangers of using Human Toothpaste on Pets

There is a reason that dogs have their own toothpaste and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact the pet industry can charge more for a pet product. toothpaste actually poses a threat to a dog.

Human toothpaste contains fluoride. Human beings are capable of brushing and spitting out the toothpaste; unfortunately the same is not true for dogs. Swallowing too much toothpaste can be deadly for dogs for this reason. Dog toothpastes (also known as dental paste or dental cleaner) contain enzymes that are safe for dogs; the enzymes do not have to be rinsed out.

It is best to be safe than sorry and not use fluoride on dogs although some vets stipulate that in recent years since dogs’ lives are shorter than a human’s life, the fluoride would not build up in their systems thus would not become toxic; poisonous. Human toothpaste, however, not only contains high levels of fluoride, but also salt, detergent and baking soda. These products can harm a dog’s teeth.

A dog’s teeth absolutely need to be brushed to rid them of bacteria, plaque and debris. Too much built up of food can cause periodontal disease and ruin a dog’s health. Poor tooth health can lead to heart disease and kidney damage or failure in dogs. Brushing a dog’s teeth at least three times a week will help cut down on the risk.

Certain products can help to reduce tarter; products like Nylabones, Greenies, and even animal bones. These products are effective, but they cannot do everything that brushing can do. Many dogs cannot use greenies if they have wheat issues since greenies are made with wheat. Some humans are opposed to giving their dog animal bones, although this is a natural method to help keep a dog’s teeth healthy. No matter what, these products are much safer than using human toothpaste though.

Dog toothpaste sometimes contains fluoride these days, mainly because fluoride is a toothpaste marketing agent. People expect to see fluoride in toothpaste and since people often think of their dogs as parts of their family, it is only expected that fluoride would be in their dog’s toothpaste as well. People seem to draw a parallel between their dog and themselves and will offer their dog no less than they give themselves. If they only understood that human toothpaste could harm their furry best friend, they would never even consider using it.

To be safe, examine each brand of dog toothpaste. The best one will contain little or no fluoride, salt, detergent or baking soda. It is easy to select from there. Choose the one that your dog seems to like the taste of; it will be much easier to brush.

No matter what, stay clear of human toothpaste for your dog. Dogs are smaller; although they don’t live as long, too much of the ingredients in this product can be toxic to your pet. It is better to be safer than sorry. Take heed to purchase a dog toothpaste product for your dog.