The Problem with Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation (bsl) is not only wrong, it is also a very ineffective means of trying to rid the world of so called “dangerous dogs”. While it is possible to determine if a single dog is vicious it is impossible to determine that an entire breed is vicious. To kill an entire breed of dogs because “some” of those dogs have attacked people would be the same as arresting every man on earth because “some” of the men committed crimes. Of course we would never do that to a human being so why does congress think it is alright to do this to animals? Do animal rights even exist?

Aside from being cruel and unfair, it is pointless as it will not solve the problem and I intend to prove that in this article. Everyone knows that the American Pit bull Terrier is the target breed for bsl, the reason for that is because pit bulls and pit bull “type” dogs are currently responsible for 21% of all dog attacks. Let’s ask ourselves why this is. I will tell you why. The APBT has been bred for many years as a “fighting” dog. As a result of this they are often bought buy people who just want to fight them or by people who want them as a status symbol (tough guys). These dogs that are raised to fight are often beaten, starved, neglected and then ultimately abandoned if they are lucky enough not to be killed by the other dog they are fighting or by their owner for failing to “win” the fight. Then if they are lucky enough to escape with their lives they don’t know how to act around people or other dogs and they can become dangerous. This however, is not the fault of the dog, it is the fault of the the people who fight them. So why are we punishing the dog who attacked as it was trained to do instead of punishing the person who trained it to attack?

The reason that bsl will not work is simple. The reasons I stated above are why some of the pit bulls attack people. Do you think that the problem will go away if all pit bulls are gone? NO! It will not and I’ll tell you why. These cruel, uneducated people that fight these dogs do it for the money and for bragging rights. Eliminating one breed of dogs will not eliminate these people or the way they think. My point being, even if the pit bull is banned and every one of them were euthanized it would not stop the dog fighters. They will simply pick another breed to replace the pit bull. They may choose the mastiff for example, then they will start training them to fight and they will start breeding the most vicious of the dogs together to make yet another “dangerous breed”. When the mastiff is then banned through bsl they may choose the Rottweiler or the German Shepard. It will never end. People who fight dogs will continue to fight dogs and the problem we have with pit bulls will become a problem with another breed. Until what? Until all large breeds are banned? Then they will simply start doing the same thing with smaller breeds.

You may or may not like the apbt, but bsl will ultimately affect other breeds, maybe even your breed. The only way we can stop the problem with “dangerous dogs” is to stop the “dangerous owners”. Dog fighting is a felony in most states but is usually only punished by a fine or probation or both,That is hardly a deterrent when these people are making thousands of dollars on these dog fights and by selling these dogs to be fought. We have to punish these acts to the fullest extent of the law. If we let these people know that they will be sent to prison for creating these “dangerous dogs” and we do indeed send them to prison for a long time, you will see that dog fighting stops. In return, you will see that the number of dog attacks by this breed will all but stop. Of course there will be the occasional “bad seed” but you will find that with any breed.
Vote “NO” to BSL. I couldn’t imagine a world without my best friend.