Tips for Training an American Pitbull Terrier Puppy

The importance of training an American Pit Bull puppy is relatively the same as with any other type of breed. You can easily start teaching your puppy its name as soon as you get it. It’s best to start routine training around six weeks of age as well. It is highly recommended to teach your puppy to be obedient and not aggressive. This particular breed has received much criticism through the years because of their temper, when actually it is the way they were taught. They can easily pick up their master’s behavior traits as well. So it is very important that you start training your puppy as soon as possible.

Teaching your American Pit Bull puppy to walk on a leash is an easy task to do. Always have plenty of treats or small pieces of dried dog food readily available for rewards and for coaxing your puppy to learn. It isn’t uncommon to see a puppy refuse to listening when wearing a leash for the first time. Just calm the puppy down and let it know that you have treats to offer. Remember this little trick, where the treats move the puppy will follow. When walking your puppy, always keep your puppy on the side of you. Never let your puppy get ahead of you and always keep its head up above the ground.

When training your puppy to sit, always keep eye contact. Bend down by your puppy while it is on a leash, put the treat in front of its nose, while moving the treat slowly towards the back and pull back on the leash at the same time. Doing this technique will cause your puppy to get into the sitting position. Once your puppy sits, give it a treat and some praise.

When training your puppy to to lay, make sure it is in a sitting position first. Take the treat and put it in front of its nose and slowly bring it to the ground. Command your puppy to lay down while at the same time pulling the leash straight down towards the ground and it will follow the treat into a laying position. Once the position is achievable doing that task, give it the treat and some praise again.

It’s always a good idea to teach your puppy not to be aggressive when it is eating. Always pet and touch your puppy’s food bowl when it is eating. If it starts to growl and show bad behavior, take away its food and try it again until it stops. Remember that you are the boss, not the puppy. Many owners might think its kind of cute when not correcting a puppy but in the long run you could end up with a load of problems. Never try to get your American Pit Bull to lock its jaw. Playing rough with your puppy could cause massive aggression in the future.

Puppies will learn from their master and pick up on behavior traits. It’s more of a learning process the puppy must achieve in order to be a well manner adult dog. With having a well mannered puppy, it’s likely to be rewarding for you as much as for its own. Raising a puppy requires much attention, discipline and also can become a man’s best friend.