Top 3 Rabbit Rescues

Rabbits are so soft and fluffy but I doubt you think that they have rabbit rescues. Rescues aren’t just for puppies and kitties anymore. If you have a rabbit that you can no longer care for you maybe you have a big heart and want to adopt,I have found the 3 best Rabbit Rescues.

Rabbit Rescue, Inc is based in Paramount,California and has been serving bunnies since 1995. It’s run by volunteers and provides rehabilitation,not to mention it is also a no-kill shelter. Most of their rabbits come from local shelters where they’re slated for euthanasia but they receive 15-20 calls or emails daily from people like you and I. Usually they are folks trying to get rid of their bunnies. The rabbits at the rescue receive daily attention with supervised outdoor playtime. They even have a “One-Stop Shop” located at their facility. It has everything one will need when they adopt a rabbit.While you are away they even offer bunny boarding! If you need to contact them here is their information.

Hopline: 562.862.8844


Address: P.O. Box 40460, Downey Ca. 90239 


Bramley Hedge Rabbit Rescue is located in Phoenix,Arizona. It’s another not-for-profit,volunteer run and no-kill shelter.They offer adoption events with direction to the chosen destination on their website. There is a section on there also about “Hoppy” endings. How could that not fill your heart. Links are provided to Vet’s that spay and neuter rabbits and the approximate cost. If you have a wild bunny problem there is even a area for that. It includes the names and numbers of people that can help you. For more information;

Bramley Hedge rabbit Rescue

P.O. Box 54506
Phoenix, Arizona 85078
(480) 443-3990

3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue,Inc is located in East Hartford, CT. It’s a non-for-profit all volunteer organization. They rescue unwanted domestic rabbits and educate the public on rabbit care. They only adopt rabbits to indoor homes. They have a list of their current adoptable bunnies and are always in need of donations. To contact them;


Call (413) 427-7345

The 3  rescues all have one thing in common,their love for rabbits. In is always advised to not give bunnies for gifts on Easter. Eventually the excitement goes away and then you are left with a rabbit that no one has time or patience for. Before getting a bunny make sure you know all the work that will be involved, You will need a cage,food,treats,toys but most importantly you’ll need love and time.