Top five Feral Cat Charities

Sometime during the 1990s, stray cats suddenly were being called feral cats.  There is some argument that feral cats are wilder and less likely to adjust to being a pet than a stray cat.  Strays could be pets that are lost or were abandoned.  Some rescue groups prefer to call any ownerless cat that lives outdoors 24 hours a day is an outdoor cat. 

But whatever you call them, feral cats do have people who care about them and have helped to reduce the overall feral cat populations in their areas without having to euthanize all cats caught.  This top five feral cat rescue list is not in any particular order of importance.  All are equally important to the feral cats in the areas they center on.

Cats Protection League  

Founded in 1927, this is one of the oldest cat-only charities in the United Kingdom and perhaps the world.  They work with all types of cats, including feral cats.  They have several shelters across England and Scotland.  They do a lot of media promotion and make educational materials to encourage people to spay and neuter their cats so there won’t be feral cats.  Any feral cats brought to them are neutered.

Alley Cat Allies  

This cat-only charity pioneered the trap-neuter-release (TNR) policies adopted by many other shelters and animal warders in America.  Feral cats over five years old often cannot become pets and even become terrified when brought indoors.  These cats are trapped, neutered and released back where they were found.  An individual cat’s chances of survival are much better when the cat cannot reproduce.  They also try to set up regular feeding stations to monitor the neutered cat colony.  ACA also produces educational material for the general cat-ignorant public.

Friends of Roman Cats  

The Coliseum in Rome is a magnet for tourists and for feral cats.  Individuals have been trying to feed or care for the cats over the decades, but there are far too many for one person to handle.  Although Friends of Roman Cats is based in America, it helps to fund TNR and veterinary programs in Italy.  But it also helps American cats and cat owners by helping to supplement of pay for emergency medical care for feral cat volunteer feeders that cannot afford veterinary treatment out of their own pockets.

Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary  

This is one of the Italian feral cat caretaker organizations that is partially funded by Friends of Roman Cats.  It was founded in 1929 by a handful of “cat ladies.” Italy is notorious for pet abuse and its lack of animal sanctuaries, but this is one animal rescue group that managed to not only survive World War II but also the social climate.

Feral Cat Coalition  

Based in San Diego, this charity provides a lot of free cat caretaking information on its website, centering on how to care for and reduce a feral cat colony.  Although they lack a central building, their main work focuses on giving feral cat spay and neuter clinics across the country.