Treatments for Tropical Fish Diseases

Taking care of tropical fish is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It is much more than placing a bunch of pretty colored fish in a tank and watch them swim around. If you have made the decision to be a tropical fish owner, then it is important that you arm yourself with the knowledge of what to look for and how to treat diseases. The goal is to have a tank of healthy beautiful tropical fish. Fish just like dogs and cats need to be looked after and cared for. The important fact is that it does not take long for diseases to overcome tropical fish.

Some of the Common Tropical Fish Diseases:

Ammonia Poisoning

When you buy a new fish tank it is important that you have a good understanding of the cycling process to limit the amount of ammonia. You need to keep the proper PH level and proper water temperature. This is easy to treat if it is caught early and you do not let it become a problem. The sign of a ammonia illness is when the fish turn a red-lilac color and you see them floating just below the surface panting for air.

Bacterial infections

These are very common in topical fish. This is a very deadly disease if left untreated. You will notice the fins and other extremities deteriorating. The leading cause of bacterial infections is poor water quality. You can take a sample of your water to the local pet shop or veterinarian for testing. Signs of bacterial infections are red inflamed areas on the outer body and this can spread rapidly to the other fish.

It is best to move the infected fish to a quarantine tank and disinfect the tank and all items in it it. Keep the healthy fish separate from the diseased fish until all infections are eliminated.


In tropical fish this is known as bulging eyes accompanied by a swelling in the head. This is usually related to poor water quality or overcrowding in the tank. You need to decrease the amount of waste in the tank so that there is a healthy environment for the fish.


This is characterized as bloating of the fish and will make the scales of the fish appear as if they are lifting off the body.The cause is usually an internal type of bacterial infection. This needs to be treated properly to prevent any further internal damage. The fish will be treated with an anti-bacterial medication and a slight increase in water temperature for one or two weeks. These infections are difficult to treat and you need an expert for the appropriate medication.

 ( Ichtyophthiriasis ) also known as Ich

This is one of the most common tropical fish diseases. You will see white spots covering the fish’s body and fins. This disease requires careful management of the temperature of the water with a gradual increase in temperature to prevent the spread of the parasites that are the cause of Ich. You can also use an anti-ich medication that will break the cycle of Ich and will also treat the disease in the water.

Most of the common tropical fish diseases are treatable and with a little knowledge easy to prevent. Keep their environment healthy and keep an watchful eye on your fish. If there are any signs of disease they need to be treated quickly.