Trimming your Pets Nails

Keeping our furry, four-legged companions happy and healthy is our primary goal, right? What if one aspect of that goal feels like an impossible task? It’s not uncommon for pet owners to face difficulty when it comes to nail trimming. The worst is when a pet owner accidentally cuts the quick from inexperience, the pet screeches, whines, or scratches with fright, or the pet owner avoids trimming the nails all together allowing for the quick to continue growing and making it harder to properly trim the nails in the future.

This is when the Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer can come in handy. Pedipaws is a device to aid in nail maintenance.
It is a rotating filing head gently removing thin layers of nail, leaving smooth, rounded, trim nails as well as your home furnishings and floors safe from scratches and tears. The nifty protective cap helps to safely remove the correct amount of nail and contains all the filings, so there’s no mess to clean up.

It is important to keep in mind when using this product, or any pet product for that matter, that each pet can and will react differently. Pedipaws
provides instruction on introducing the product to your beloved pet as well as the technique for filing. It is important that you read the instructions and follow them to ensure the best possible outcome. You must show your pet the tool is not anything to fear. If you remain calm during the introduction phase and reassure your pet that the device is a positive thing, it will prove to have rewarding benefits.

Pedipaws is cordless and has a quiet motor, which is important when working with pets. It makes cleaning a snap because of the protective covering. Nail debris is caught before it has the chance to fill the air or cling to carpet and fabrics.
is also priced a fairly low price of $19.99.

Pedipaws requires 2 “C” batteries, which are not included. You will also need to purchase replacement heads, which come in a 12 pack, and can be ordered online, by phone, or mail. Keeping the device clean after each use will maintain the efficiency and prolong the life. Cleanliness is also necessary for the prevention of spreading bacteria to you or your pet.

Pedipaws can aid in an all-around better nail trimming experience. Keep in mind that this tool is not for immediate use.
Introduce with caution and care, so your pet does not feel threatened. It is not a toy. Once they are familiar with the device, you will gain more confidence in its use and become quicker. Pedipaws will become your nail trimmer of choice. By keeping things simple, clean and easy, Pedipaws will give you the time to bond with your tail-wagging friend.