Tropical Fish

Controlling Aquarium Algae and Buildup

Here are some great ways to keep your aquarium glass and your water crystal clear; your ornaments shining and your fish in optimum health.

Keeping a proper aquarium ecosystem is always a combination of denominating factors and if you follow these suggestions, controlling your algae and keeping your tank clean can be achieved without excessive attention. A clean environment means healthy fish.

There are some basics that logically must be followed such as:

*Always have an adequate filtration system

*Don’t overcrowd your tank

*Never use soaps, toxic cleaners or detergents

*Clean all ornaments and rinse well

*Wash gravel thoroughly and rinse many times

*All utensils and nets should be cleaned and kept dry

*Clean your lights and keep the canopy dust free

*Keep your tank free of nitrates

As well, there are two wonderful aquatic creatures that are always happy to help keep your aquarium clean and your glass and ornaments free of algae.

Purchase a Placostomus and an Albino Catfish. They are not very expensive and you need only one of each. The Placostomus is an algae eater that does an excellent job of keeping your ornaments and glass clean. This way you don’t have to use one of those algae magnets as these will also scratch the surface of acrylic tanks. Also, the Albino Catfish is a busy little creature; always digging up the gravel, searching for food. This helps to get all that bottom waste into the water flow and into the filtration system. These two are wonderful little helpers.

You don’t need to change all of the water every time you clean the tank. Take a clean four liter jug or two, depending on the size of your tank and fill them with water, cap and let them sit for a week in a dark, cool place. When it comes time to clean, remove about a half of the tank water and replace with the water from the jugs. This really cuts down on the maintenance of complete water changes and some species are very susceptible to shock so this will help.

When you clean your pump and filter systems use a mild vinegar and water solution and rinse well. Change the cotton and charcoal often. You can recharge your charcoal by placing it in the oven on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about twenty minutes or so.

Last but not least, please, don’t buy snails of any kind. They really don’t clean as much as they poop and when they multiply they infest your filtration system and everything else, even your fish.