Unique Dog Lover Gift

The gift of Dog Car/Floor Mats

This is a Dog Lover gift to top all gifts.  Appropriate for anyone who drives and owns a dog!  These dog car mats come in many dog breeds. This is a personal yet appropriate gift for a close friend or just an acquaintance  And believe me, they will love these car mats 

Dog lovers fall in love with a gift that looks like “their” dog.  And YOU will look like a fabulous gift giver-  Someone who has taken the time and effort to choose just the right gift. 

Here is one poignant review:

And I thought I would get a Gold Watch.  After 26 years on the job, it was finally time for MY retirement party.  As with all the many retirement parties I have attended for co-workers, I was not exactly looking forward to one more “boring” retirement party –  Even if it was mine!

But……………the party was great.  And best of all was the thoughtful, and perfect gift my fellow co-workers got me.  A set of  Chocolate Labrador Car Mats for my truck.  The mats look just like my sweet “Barkly”.  I will forever remember this day.  And I will think of my co-workers, each time I step foot into my truck.  These mats are almost too special to use.  But I will use them and enjoy the heck out of them.  Barkly and I will treasure them!

Charlie & Barkly  (my other half)

One more review:

My sister gave me a set of dog car mats last Christmas.  I own a Golden Retriever, so was thrilled to get a set of car mats that look just like her.  It was one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life.  My sister could not have chosen a better gift for me. 

So, in return, wanted to give such a great gift to some of my dog loving friends – which is nearly all of my friends!  Since I new everyone would love their car mats,  all the birthday and Christmas gifts I purchased that next year were dog car mats.

How’s that for a no brainer perfect gift pic!  And just like predicted, everyone LOVED their car mats.  And they are still getting miles of happiness from these mats.  Thanks for supplying such a great product.