What Makes my Cat Hoarse Cat Hoasre what causes Cats to be Hoarse Cat Laryngitis

Felines are such fascinating and quirky creatures, as any lucky cat owner will attest. They tend to be intelligent as well as communicative, often through their actions, stares or nips. They can also be quite vocal, using their voices to tell you what they need or how they feel. According to www.pawsonline.com, cats make seven basic sounds ranging from purring and chirruping to howling and screaming. Cats often have a lot to say, and their meows can even vary in tone and length.

If your cats are the kinds that chatter, you’ve probably come to enjoy the various sounds made by the kitties. On occasion, though, cats’ voices can become hoarse, just like our voices. If your kitty breaks out into a hoarse meow, no need to panic. While there are several things that could contribute to this hoarseness, most are not terribly serious.

More than likely, your kitty has a case of laryngitis, which means that the larynx is inflamed. If your vet makes this prognosis, he will more than likely prescribe steroids for your cat to take. The steroids will help ease the inflammation. Your vet will more than likely instruct you to come back if the steroids do not take care of the hoarse condition of your cat. In this case, the vet will test for other causes. One may be an infection, and if this is the case, the vet will likely prescribe antibiotics in the form of pills or drops.

The vet may conduct further testing to make sure that your cat is not suffering from a much more serious condition such as a tumor. At this stage, you will want to rely heavily on whatever your vet recommends.

In the event that your cat does get hoarse, try not to jump to worst-case-scenario. Just like in humans, cats sometimes just get a bit hoarse due to being rundown. Otherwise it probably is laryngitis or a mild condition that can be treated.

By closely monitoring your cat and any signs of a condition, such as hoarseness, and by staying informed, you will be much more likely to take the best care of your pet and seeking help from a professional when necessary. In the mean time, be sure to enjoy your cat’s healthy meows, purrs and even hisses. Cats who communicate in this way really do have a lot to say, and be sure to take time to listen.