What to look for in a Boarding Kennel

There are quite a few things to look for in a boarding kennel. First of all, you should take a tour of the kennel to make sure it’s clean and it meets up to your standards. Before boarding your pet, it would be wise to check out a couple of kennels to see which one is closest to your home environment. When you leave your pet for a day or more, you want to make sure they are in the best hands.

Make sure the people who are operating the kennel and taking care of your pet are friendly. Most of the people who work in a boarding kennel are very friendly and like pets, so that can put your mind to ease.  If you stumble into a kennel where the workers have an attitude, that may not be the best place to leave your dog.

It’s good to check whether the boarding kennel has a place to walk the pet, which most places do offer. A lot of kennels have different levels when you board your pet. You can get the top level for your pet, where they have many extras to offer your pet, such as a bigger kennel. If you don’t feel the top level is necessary, you can get the standard level for your program, which has a nice size kennel for your pet to sleep in.

Always check out the outdoor facilities and make sure they are nice. You want to make sure the boarding kennel has nice grounds in case your pet does go outside during the stay.

Not all boarding places offer medical facilities right there. It’s a good idea to find a kennel that has one on site. You never know when you leave your pet whether the pet will get sick or something will go wrong, but it’s peace of mind to know there is a medical facility right there.

A lot of boarding kennels will give you some sort of report card or progress note on your pet to let you know how they did while you were away. That helps you to know if the pet did well while it was there, and whether or not that is a good choice to take them back there again. There are other things you want to check when you are looking for a boarding kennel. Some kennels let you bring your own food for the pet or some supply it. If its your preference to bring your own, always make sure it’s all right with the kennel.

These are just a few things that a person should look for in a boarding kennel.