What we can Learn from Animals

Being a pet parent has many benefits. The love and care you give to a pet returns to you many times over.

Probably the most valuable lesson we can learn from animals is how to love unconditionally. Animals possess this gift more than the majority of humans. The ability to love purely and absolutely. This is truly a heavenly attribute.

Together with the ability to love unconditionally goes empathy. Dogs and cats, and probably horses,too, are very good at reading and understanding their humans’ feelings. They respond to these feelings, too. Dogs and cats know when their humans need sympathy and closeness. They know when you feel sad or sick.

Also together with unconditional love goes loyalty. If only more of our human friends were as loyal! In return for shelter, kindness, and food you are rewarded with undying loyalty.

Another lesson we can learn from our pets is how to trust. Those of us who are kind to our pets earn their devoted trust. And that is a good feeling.

They experience the vitality of life by playing, exploring or sleeping in the moment. They don’t worry about tomorrow- they make the most of what life gives them. If we could do this, just think how much happier and more at peace we would be!

Animals can teach us to have joy and spontaneity living in the moment. Animals can teach us how to just let go and let live!

Animals can teach us to laugh. By watching them we can learn how to play again. They can help us to forget our troubles and sorrow for awhile. Animals can show us how to enjoy life.

Different species of animals can often learn to live together in harmony. They are not prejudiced. There are many stories of different species of animals- such as dogs and cats; dogs and horses…- accepting and even befriending one another. If only people could learn to accept others of their own species who are a little bit different as easily!

Animals know how to live in harmony with the environment. They don’t pollute the clean waters; they don’t chop down oxygen-giving trees; they don’t fill the clear air with toxic waste and smoke.

And pets certainly do appreciate nature. Have you ever seen a cat basking in the warmth of the sun? Or a dog chasing the breaking waves on the beach? Horses galloping with the wind just for the joy of it. A bunny nibbling a crisp blade of grass. A dog swimming in a lake. A kitten chasing a butterfly.

Animals can teach us to live the “circle of life”. Basically what the circle of life means is that life and nature are interconnected, and that you take from nature, but you also give back to nature.

Animals can show us how to live in harmony with nature, and with one another. They don’t cause pollution, they don’t ruin the environment. Animals also don’t cause wars or hatred out of greed or lust for power. To fight a war to defend your country is one thing, but to fight a war for power is another.

So, if we watch and listen to our animal friends, we can learn some valuable insights. Pay attention to your animal companions- they will teach you. Watch and listen with your mind and your heart.