What we can Learn from Pets and Animals

Pets can add an incredible depth to our lives and intellect, that is, if we are wise enough to take the time to study their innate intelligence. Animals have a wisdom in viewing the universe that humans can only dream of obtaining – they are born to character attributes that take some people a lifetime to possess, if ever. What we can learn from pets and animals are lessons that cannot be absorbed in any educational institution, nor can they be learned from another human, but can be a mesmerizing experience for an individual with an open heart and mind to the ways animals impact our lives for the better. We tend to think of our animal friends as companions and purveyors of happiness, but perhaps their greatest value to mankind lies in their role as educators and mentors.

Domestic animals such as dogs and cats are a limitless source of learning opportunities, each with their own personality and psychological makeup, and are very similar to humans when you get right down to it. An animal will nearly always treat a human in the same manner it is treated – kindness is responded to with affection, aggression is returned to the sender with a message that it will not be tolerated. Respect and consideration afforded to an animal is always rewarded with faithful friendship on a level that is unfamiliar in most human interactions, and is valuable beyond words in enriching the human life that is fortunate enough to experience it’s grace.

What we can learn from animals and pets is the ability to embrace those closest to us without question, and to base our loyalty upon past experiences. Animals nearly alway “do the right thing” when applied to their relationships not only with humans, but with their young as well. The fight or flight reaction that an animal possesses ensures their survival, and they follow their instincts naturally without question. Animals do not second guess their choices, deceive those that they care for or betray a trusted companion for another. In this sense animals have an honor that all of humanity would do well to learn from and attempt to emulate in their daily existence.

Animals and pets present a wonderful educational opportunity for children, in learning that compassion, affection and kindness cannot be forced and needs to flow naturally from every living thing in order to be genuine and have an honest impact. Perhaps this is greatest lesson of all, one that results in creating a better human being and a better society.