Which rabbit breeds are the friendliest

If you’re looking for a new pet, why not try having a rabbit? Bunnies are great pets and are usually calm and easy to take good care of. They are a popular pet for children for many years and not only that, they are simply adorable. But which breeds are the most easy to care for? Which are the most friendly and can adapt to people well, as well as people affectionate. Here are some breeds to look for if this is the type of temperament you wish to have for your bunny.

French Lop rabbit 

These rabbits are mostly said to be the friendliest of the rabbit breeds. Known for their gentle nature, French lop bunnies became popular in the mid 1800s among many people as pets. They are very large and weigh up to ten pounds, or even more! They require lots of space to move around in, so be sure to buy a large hutch for them.

Why are they the friendliest? They have a very relaxed personality and stay calm in most situations, they also get along with other breeds of rabbits easily, as well as other small animals and even dogs and cats if they are kind to the bunny of course! They do tend to get lonely though so another French Lop or a different bunny breed as a companion is most helpful.

Dwarf Lop rabbit 

Another type of lop rabbit because of the droopy ears, this rabbit is extremely exciting and playful. They are a popular breed among rabbit owners all across the United States and other parts of the world. They are rather small and can weigh up to six pounds. They have a fun personality and they love to play and kick around. They tend to be very smart and can even be taught tricks, this provides a little fun, since they can almost be treated as a small dog!

Flemish Giant rabbit 

This breed of rabbit is one of the oldest domesticated bunnies. They are quite large and can weigh up to twenty pounds! They have the look of a hare more than a rabbit and are very keen and laid back. These rabbits are so relaxed that many things do not bother them as opposed to others. They love to roam around and explore and even cuddle their owners.

These three bunny breeds are often noted as the most clam, gentle and playful, it’s a good idea to look at them first if this is what you wanted from a rabbit.