Why Cats Make Great Companions

Unconditional love is one of the greatest feelings you will ever experience. Love comes in many forms, but the love you receive from cats truly is unconditional. Cats make terrific companions. Studies have shown owning a pet such as a cat relieves stress and can help you live longer. At the end of a hard day the feeling of a cat cuddling up on top of you, purring and being perfectly happy to have you, is an amazing feeling.

All a cat needs in life is someone to take care of him and love him and he will return that feeling ten-fold. Cats are soft, clean, and affectionate animals. They provide you with unconditional love and respect. Cats are beings with true and unique personalities. If you own multiple cats you will find that none are exactly alike.

Some cats are more affectionate and want to spend endless amounts of time curled up on you being petted. Other cats are more independent and enjoy certain amounts of solitude. The cat you have may be lazy, energetic, smart, playful, frisky, or any number of characteristics. There is a world of dimensions that describes different cats.

Cats also come in a variety of builds and coloring. There are both short-hair and long-hair cats. Some have extremely smooth coats, while others may be a little more coarse. Cats may be white, orange, gray, black, or a mixture of colors; they are all beautiful and whatever color you want you will be able to find. Many cats have beautiful blue eyes when they are kittens, but the color changes over time. However, if you love those blue eyes, there are certain breeds that maintain them.

There are many avenues in life to seek out companionship. You might find companionship from other pets such as dogs, companionship through significant others, or companionship through friends and families. Cats, however, are one creature that will give you true love and companionship forever.

There are a few key points to remember if you want to be a proud owner of a beautiful kitten or cat. Litter boxes will need to be cleaned daily. Cats are clean animals and they want the place they do their business to be clean also. Make sure your feline has plenty of water to drink and food to eat as well as a comfortable, warm place to sleep (especially important if your cat stays outdoors).

Cats have claws and they use them. When they are young, kittens will claw you; that is how they play. They also sharpen their claws, sometimes on furniture or wood in your house. Never have a cat declawed. They may seem like a nuisance at times, but claws are a way for your cat to protect himself. If your indoor cat happens to find himself outdoors he will need his claws to climb or possibly fight back if attacked.

Cats are some of the most amazing animals on this planet. Take care of them and they will love you forever. If you have never owned a cat, you will be surprised at the level of companionship offered by these animals. Why not consider a cat today?